Monday, October 29, 2007

Recycle Old CD'S

Here is a great website to check out if you have a lot of old cd's and don't want to toss them out. Visit the CD Recycling Center of America for info on recycling your old cd's.

Old cd's can be mailed to:

The Compact Disc Recycling Center of America
68H Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Houston Women's Festival

This music festival makes me wish I lived in Houston! If you live there, or are able to make a trip there next weekend, be sure to check out the Houston Women's Festival. This festival is a great way to discover up and coming talented women artists. It will take placeSaturday, October 20th from noon until 10:00 PM at Jones Plaza in Houston's theatrical district.

Performers include: Ruthie Foster, Susan Gibson, Trina Hamlin, Mary Cutrufello, Amy Speace, Lindsay Mac, Kelly Gray and Paige Lewis.

Details about the festival can be found on the festival's website:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Feist

Leslie Feist is a woman to watch. She performs pop/rock songs under the name Feist and her albums, most notably The Reminder and Let it Die, should have wide appeal. Not only do I like her music, it made me like her even more once I read that she turned down a million dollar offer from McDonald's to use her song in a commercial. I'm ok with the fact that her hit song "1234" has been used in many ad campaigns for everything from an iPod Nano to shows for the Lifetime network. It just makes me respect her more because she rejected McDonald's.

Songs to check out: "1234", "Mushaboom" and "I feel it all"

Feist is also known as a former roommate and collaborator of Peaches.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gross Rolling Stone Cover

So I know Rolling Stone magazine is not known as a haven for promoting feminist artists, or even women artists for that matter, but this month their cover is just too much. Kid Rock, the faux rapper or rocker, or whatever he is, graces the cover with barely clad women hanging in awe around him.

This pisses me off on many levels, but especially because as a music fan I do like to read Rolling Stone (I know, I know, not the best source of music news but I do like some of their music political articles). However, when I see a cover like that on the stand, it screams to me, rock music is for men, women need not apply unless they are interested in being eye or arm candy. I know there are a few magazines dedicated to women in rock, but none of them are mainstream or available at my local market or Target. Hopefully things will be different for my daughters when they're my age. I don't want them to grow up thinking that rock music is for men.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Feminist Songs Recommends: New Rilo Kiley Album

The new Rilo Kiley album, Under the Blacklight, is out and will hopefully put this very talented band into the public eye. While many already know how great they are, Rilo Kiley are just about to break through to the mainstream, which should convince music lovers who are new fans of this great band to check out their previous albums, such as Execution of All Things and More Adventurous. Brilliant song writer and lead singer Jenny Lewis scores again with great songs and a solid singing voice. She never fails to disappoint...anything she puts out is great and worth listening to. Check out their new album here.

Top 5 Little Known Pearl Jam Songs

I'd like to start my new blog off with one of my favorite bands of all time, Pearl Jam. I love all things Pearl Jam, but here are my top 5 more obscure songs. They will be well known to Pearl Jam fans, but others might not have heard them yet so be sure to check them out!

1) Soon Forget
Best Line: "Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette" This song is on many of their live albums as well as the studio album, Binaural

2) Fatal
This song appears on what I consider their best album ever, "Live at Benaroya Hall" as well as their Lost Dogs box set.

3) Off He Goes
One of their most played live songs and one of the best. Originally from the wrongly ignored album, No Code.

4) Strangest Tribe
Another jem from the Lost Dogs album

5) Man of the Hour
A wonderful song from a fantastic movie, Big Fish. The song and the movie are a perfect fit for each other.

Welcome to Feminist Songs!

This a new blog created with the intent to spread the word about great feminist songs for everyone, including children. Artists and albums will be promoted in the hope of raising awareness of progressive music with a feminist theme. I also want to demonstrate that rock and alternative music is beloved by women, not just men, although you would not know if from most of the mainstream music coverage.